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Cheap web design and validation
99 design service

Looking for cheap web design, validation or promotion?

We have been designing web sites since 2000 and have built a reputation for quality work at an affordable price.

Even if you already have a web site why not take advantage of our £99 redesign and validation service? We will carry out a simple redesign of your site (if required) along with a complete validation of all the main pages. Why validate? Well it's not strictly necessary as most modern browsers can adapt and handle errors in the code, however there are some that struggle so it makes sense to validate and sleep easy that no one will have any problems viewing your site.

Search engine promotion.
No genuine web design will promise you the holy grail of a no.1 spot on Google (although we have achieved it numerous times) because it's a self defeating purpose - ie. if a designer could do that with every site they made then Google would act to stop that by changing everything and all that designers sites would be gone from the searches instantly!
What we can do though is give your site every chance to do well and give you tips as to how to continually work at improving position.

For businesses that can't wait that long for customers to turn up we can suggest other ways to attract customers.

Any questions give us a call!
Free for landlines - 0800 779 7937

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