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The famous 'rags to riches' Scottish entrepreneur who was penniless at the age of 30 and didn't even have a bank account but soon saw his fledgling ice cream business expand dramatically to then provide the money to invest in nursing homes which later sold for £26,000,000.
Since then he's enjoyed further success with childrens nurseries and his renowned health clubs.
The richest Dragon so far in the Den's history, Duncan has also received the OBE which was partly in recognition of his support for various charities.
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First entered the Den in series 5. Famously James used credit cards to help fund his wife's fashion business after being turned down for finance by various banks. He was working very successfully as a recruitment interviwer at the time which later encouraged him to set up his own recruitment company, Alexander Mann.
Within a few years the company was valued at 60 million.
James has since went on to develop and sell many other companies. James left the series at the end of season 8.

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Hilary Devey spent seven years in the retail distribution sector at TNT before leaving to set up her own business providing small consignment pallet transportation. Funding for her new business was very difficult to achieve so Hilary sold her house and car to finance it herself. Many hardships were overcome by this single mum who went on to make her Pall-Ex company a brand leader and won many awards for her now multi million business.
She also campaigns for various charities including the Princes Trust for whom she is a patron.


Peter's first venture was to set up a tennis coaching school at the age of just 16.
He then progressed to running a successful computer business which eventually ran into financial difficulties - something that might have discouraged most entrepreneurs.
He had to return to paid employment with a large company but his talent saw him progress rapidly and it wasn't long before he moved on to launch a new business in the mobile telecommunications industry at a very shrewd time for that market.

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Rachel launched the highly successful Red Letter Days on a very small budget and the company quickly developed under the .com bubble into a multi-million concern.
But some bad advice or management led to costly mistakes when trying to expand the company through supermarkets and this combined with a problem created by their bank led the company to fall into liquidation.
Rachel left the Den after series 2 and currently works in the small business sector providing inspiration to would be entrepreneurs.

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Richard was a very successful trader who had made enough to retire comfortably at the age of 34 but has since gone on to become incredibly wealthy with numerous shrewd investments.
He was in series 3 and 4 of the Dragons but then was mysteriously dropped from the show despite his popularity. He was very disappointed and it was a bit of a mystery for fans of the very likeable and calm mannered Australian.

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The most feared of all the Dragons, Deborah replaced Rachel Elnaugh from series 3 onwards. She had several early business ventures, some more successful than others, before she eventually started working in the family amusement arcade business.
She organised a management buy out of the business and has since made her fortune in the leisure and retail sector with a variety of ventures.

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Theo replaced Simon Woodroffe in the second series. Born in Cyprus, Theo has lived in England since he was 6. He is arguably one of the most successful entrepreneurs as he has a substantial track record of rescuing struggling businesses and turning them into highly profitable going concerns.
Like many of the Dragons his rise to power was helped along by the 80s boom and some very shrewd investments including the rescuing of Ryman stationery stores when they went into receivership. He quickly turned around the company's fortunes and this cemented his reputation and he has since repeated the feat in various situations including football club Milwall.

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A Californian businessman who is based in the UK, Doug appeared to often use his background in pyschology when questioning Den applicants. He dropped out of the show after series 2 to focus on his own business development.
His core business has seen decline in recent years and he now contributes articles to several leading publications as well as being involved in business start ups.




Simon worked as a roadie before going on to develop stage sets for rock stars such as Ozzie Osborne and Rod Stewart. He made his millions with the launch of the chain of sushi bars called Yo! Sushi and currently is involved with a chain of hotels under the Yo! Hotels brand name. He has also received an OBE.


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