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The show orginated in Japan as 'Money Tigers' and ran from 2001 - 2004. The format is owned by Sony.

There are now at least 16 countries that have their own versions although the general concept of providing investment for fledging companies is maintained.

The UK version began on BBC in 2005 with Dragons Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones, Rachel Elnaugh, Doug Richard and Simon Woodroffe.

The very first applicant was Graham Whitby presenting the Baby Dream Machine and demonstrating the pressure that all applicants are put under when trying to present their business coherently. With so much depending on the presentation it's no wonder that so many experience 'brain freeze' and are unable to string a sentence together.

The investments made are all subject to the facts stated by the applicant being verified and subsequent contracts agreed. It's not really surprising to learn that some of the investments offered do not materialise, but the show has come in for some fierce criticism about this aspect.

The Dragons have altered over the years with just Duncan and Peter being the only Dragons to remain from the originals.

But it's the applicants that make the show, suffer or rejoice with them as they do battle with the Dragons!

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